Biden's $2 Trillion Environmental Plan

The Story

Joe Biden recently announced his plan to spend $1.7 trillion in his first term as president to finance a clean energy revolution and environmental justice.


What’s the Money For?

In his comprehensive plan released last week, Mr. Biden has opted to create specific and aggressive targets for the country to reach in the near future regarding our environmental impact, with innovations for nearly every sector of the American economy and daily life. His goals include making the United States’ power sector emissions-free by 2035, upgrading four million buildings to meet the highest standards for energy efficiency over the next four years, and providing every American city with over 100,000 residents with a zero-emissions and high-quality public transit system.


This Plan Rights Wrongs

Mr. Biden’s environmental plans echo the calls from grassroots organizers and progressive Democrats to focus on justice for communities impacted most by climate change. Countless studies have shown that climate change and pollution have a disproportional effect on communities of color, including tribal communities. The direct results of this disparity are being seen now as Black communities are suffering substantially more from asthma cases and health issues and are dying in greater proportions than their counterparts from COVID-19, a disease that is known to target already-weak respiratory systems. Mr. Biden is calling for the creation of an office of environmental and climate justice in the Department of Justice and has set a goal for giving disadvantaged communities 40% of all clean energy and infrastructure benefits being introduced.


Who’s Getting Behind It?

Normally apprehensive about Mr. Biden’s top priorities, progressives are rallying around this revolutionary plan to halt climate change and reverse its effects before it’s too late. The UN has warned that we could reach a point of no return in our fight against climate change by 2030. Many progressives see this comprehensive plan as their best chance to stop the impending crisis and protect the country and future generations from the harm that is already being done. It is widely believed that Mr. Biden’s environmental platform has been energized through collaborations with members of Bernie Sanders’ campaign as well as grassroots environmental justice organizations like the Sunrise Movement.